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One of Ireland's favourite biscuits covered in delicious milk chocolate. A veritable eating experince. This product is sold in twin packs. Yes!!! you get two packets for £3.29!!!

Delivery weight: 264 g

A twin pack of One of Ireland's best loved biscuits! How can anyone ever forget the famous jingle "Kimberley, Midado, Coconut Cream, someone you love will love some Mum!" Buy TWO PACKS for £3.59

£3.99 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 500 g
Just how did they get the figs in the fig rolls? Do you remember this famous 1980's RTE TV ad? You can remember the taste now too, £1.99 gets you TWO PACKS of the legendary biscuit!!
£1.99 / unit(s)

The third biscuit in the legend trilogy.......... £3.59 gets you TWO PACKETS of Bolands Coconut Creams!!!!

£3.79 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 400 g
The lightest cracker to accompany that fine cheddar, buy TWO PACKS of Bolands Cream Crackers for just £1.39
£1.39 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 200 g

A delicious chewy filling between a gingery sandwich. Perfect dunked in a cup of Barry's Tea!!! Buy a TWIN PACK for £3.59

£3.99 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 600 g

Only the best quality Irish ingredients our Bakers skilfully combine them to create a unique moreish taste that is second to none. The creamy buttery flavour is fused with a natural sweetness to offer a melt in the mouth taste sensation.

£2.19 / Package(s)