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Easter Rising 1916 :The Irish Rebellion by Charles Townsend

£16.95 / unit(s)

An Unconsidered People: The Irish in Sixties London by Catherine Dunne These are absorbing real life stories of Irish immigrants who moved to England mainly in the 1950's and 1960's. Displaced from their homes, coping with the culture shock of the new world and the trials and tribulations that lay before them. Each story is told in a real and honest way, without resentment of what might of been, just an acceptance of that was the way things were. These are the stories of our fathers and mothers, uncles and aunts, real people still alive today.


A superb account of the hardships faced by Irish migrant workers who came to the UK in the 1950's and 1960's. Roads, tunnels, houses, hospitals they built the lot. A wonderful trbute to the Irishmen who built Great Britain


This is a book for someone with real interest in Irish history. It's extremely informative and well written, in a "scholarly" manner by Oxford Don Richard English

£14.99 / unit(s)

Excellent, this book tells a story so very true. People from the west of Ireland will identify with the people and places and understand the difficult circumstances at that time. Things are so differnet now. Written in a simple and understanding manner.


The Feckin' Book of Irish History: for anyone who hasn't been paying attention for the last 30,000 years (Feckin' Collection) [Hardcover]