Cheese / Dairy

Cheese / Dairy

A few favourites from your childhood.

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One of Irelands best loved brands.

£2.39 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 250 g

Galtee cheese slices, why not melt some on a slice of McCanns Barm Brack....delicious! A 10 slice pack costs you only £1.59

£1.79 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 170 g

The first cheese many of us ever tasted as a child was Calvita. Relive those memories for only £2.19

£2.39 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 250 g

Just what you need for that slice of soda bread or barm brack.

£1.49 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 227 g

There is nothing like cracking open a bottle of fine red to enjoy with a mature Irish Cheddar. Add a 200g block to your basket for only £2.19

£2.19 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 340 g

For all you "inbetweenies" a medium Irish Cheddar with deliciously subtle taste!