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Ireland's leading Orange Drink. With 12% real juice contents it's the "juicy bits" which make it so special.

£2.79 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 3,000 g

can be shipped within 5 days

Club Orange Diet 2 Litre

£2.29 / bottle(s)

A uniquely Irish soft drink from the combination of Club Orange and Club Lemon. It get's it's name from the Blackrock area of Dublin where it was invented in O'Rourke's pub in 1955.

£2.79 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 2,000 mg

Cidona was launched by Bulmers Ltd.in 1955 and is the No.1 carbonated Apple juice drink in Ireland. Cidona is a unique tasting, juicy, apple soft drink. But watch out it Bites!

£2.19 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 2,000 mg

You asked so we listened!!! Club Orange now available in 330ml cans. Add a handy six pack to your basket now!!

£5.99 / unit(s)
Ireland's number one apple drink!! Add a handy six pack to your basket now!!
You asked and we listened, the ever popular Club Lemon now available in a handy 6 PACK. Add one to your basket and stay refreshed all day long!!
£4.99 / unit(s)
1 unit(s) = £0.83
Miwadi Cordial, did you know the name Miwadi is an abbreviated form of "Mineral Water Distributors?" There you have it, use it the next time you oraganise a pub quiz!!!
£2.19 / bottle(s)

Time dedicated to you....fed up with your local off licence or local supermarket running out of your favourite tipple? Order a full case of 12 bottles now for £25.00 inc VAT By adding this to your basket you are confirming that you are 18 years old.

£25.00 / crate(s)
Delivery weight: 586 g
Nash's Red Lemonade who can forget it? A real blast from the past!

Now this is for all you Donegal wans......hot summer days that lasted forever and McDaids legendary Football Special....!

£1.19 / unit(s)