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The most delicious fruit loaf baked for us by master Baker Tim Graham, Dromore Co Down. Toasted with some cheese, it doesnt get much better...

£2.99 / unit(s)

Delightfully delicious Jaffa cakes from Jacobs in Dublin.

£1.00 / unit(s)

O'Kane Whiskey Marmalade 370g

£1.80 / unit(s)

A truly stunning biscuit, definitely a WPJ (whole packet job...) when you open them!

£1.99 / unit(s)

The one and only smoothy but devishly strong mustard from Lakeshore. Once tried never forgotten!

£1.50 / bottle(s)

Introducing the new look Barrys Tea Caddy!  A perfect gift for that Barry's Tea fanatic! We all know one.....

£6.49 / pack(s)

Just what you need for that slice of soda bread or barm brack.

£1.49 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 227 g


O'Kane's Sqeezy Honey

£2.09 / bottle(s)

The famous Campbell's Tea Caddy. Part and parcel of Dublin life since 1797 and the tin has hardly changed since!


£7.99 / unit(s)

Top up your Campbells Tea Caddy with this 250g refill pack


£3.99 / unit(s)

Mistletoe Mikado...can you see what they did there! A lovely gift for those Mikado fans! 

£5.99 / box(es)

Not as clever as "Mistletoe Mikado" or the genius that is "Snoconut Creams" but a lovely gift for those Keen Kimberley Kids...and those not so young! 

£5.99 / box(es)

Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Irish Rapeseed Oil

£2.99 / bottle(s)

Remember this one, incredibly buttery and peanuty!

£2.95 / bottle(s)

Remember this one, incredibly butterly and peanuty!

£2.95 / bottle(s)