Once in a Lifetime (Paperback) by Cathy Kelly


I really enjoy Cathy Kelly's comfortable Irish style & have read all of her novels. She has succeeded once again & this book is everything the sleeve claims it to be. I would highly recommend this book & I look forward to the next. "Once in a Lifetime" is the story about TV presentator Ingrid, her husband David, owner of old distinguished department store Kenny's, and their two children Molly and Ethan. It's about Star Bluestone, the latest of the Bluestone women who for centuries have possessed magic abilities of various kinds. Star is perhaps the most fascinating character in the book. Living alone in the beautiful Bluestone cottage, surrounded by her dogs, orchids, interesting collections from her various travels and not the least her production of the beautiful embroidered Bluestone tapestries.There is Charlie, working at Kenny's cosmetic department and her family - and Natalie, searching desperately for knowledge about her long dead birth mother.

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