Past Secrets (Paperback) by Cathy Kelly


When you're in the mood for a feel-good book which always ends with a happy ending then you never need to look any further than Cathy Kelly. Past Secrets is set in the aptly named Summer Street where beyond the rosy gardens lies many a secret.Faye has put her life on hold for 17yrs so her daughter Amber could have the best of everything but with only weeks to go until the final school exams Amber is ready to throw it all way for rock-star wannabe Karl. Now the secret which Faye has held close to her heart for 17yrs is the only way Faye can get through to Amber....but it's a secret that may destroy their relationship forever. Maggie and Grey have been together for 5yrs but both have been keeping secrets. Like dominoes falling one secret leads another and Maggie ends up facing the secret she's kept from everyone for more years than she cares to remember.Christie has always been known as a wise and caring neighbour and friend but she too has been keeping secrets. Now it looks like that secret is about to come out and Christie has to face the demons that have haunted her for 25yrs. I could happily have kept on reading Past Secrets and was disappointed to have to read the last page.....that's an indication of how this book grabs you. The stories start out independent of each other but tie in nicely and flick from one to the other with consummate ease. In true Cathy Kelly form it reels you in and keeps you turning pages until there are no more...and you always end with a smile on your face. Thoroughly enjoyable.

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