Irish Bitches be Crazy

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'Getting sex advice from Irish nuns was like getting dental hygiene tips from Shane McGowan . . . The journey from Peig Sayers to Miram O Callaghan has been arduous. In Irish Bitches Be Crazy, Emma Comerford shines her provocative and entertaining light on the sometimes erratic psyche of the modern-day Irish woman. Part exposé, part how-to guide, you will find out about : How to perform the Walk of Shame with utmost dignity and deal with the ensuing Catholic guilt How many people you can tell when you re sworn to secrecy Coping with the consequences of an out-of-control hen party Acquiring assertive school gate etiquette Overcoming your Zumba/Pilates/book club antagonists How alcohol-dependent you and your friends really are A hilarious mix of wit, razor-sharp observation and self-deprecation, Irish Bitches Be Crazy heralds an exciting new satirical voice and is a must-read for women and men alike!

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