Confessions of an Irish Rebel (Arena Books) by Brendan Behan


Brendan Behan is a modern Irish legend, a kind of urban myth come true. In Confessions of an Irish rebel, Behan continues to regale us with his astonishing wit and general bawdy humour, peppered with comments that give a glimpse of the man and his intelligence. Here he gives us more of a celebration of his raison d'etre than confessions of a man both loved and loathed by his very jailers; this time he even manages to land in serioius trouble with the Irish police as opposed to his sworn enemy, the English police force. We see his escapades in and around Ireland, carousing with whores and singing loyalist anthems at the top of his lungs - he even manages a bit of paid work along the way. All of this is underpinned by a strong narrative and a deeply ingrained political conscience. Don't miss this book; whatever your persuasion, political or otherwise, Behan will grip you from the beginning and have you laughing all the way to the pub! Report this | Permalink

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